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Mademoiselle Daisy

Colour: 1920s Cobalt Green
Collection: Mademoiselle Daisy

There is a constant evolution at The Chateau, which provides inspiration all year round. In 2019 the Strawbridge’s bought a vintage Asquith van, with dreams of turning it into a travelling adventure bus. During its transformation Angel joked about it feeling very “Driving Miss Daisy”, a thirty-year old film loved by Dick and Angel, and at that moment the bus was named. But, of course, the French version! The Asquith’s remodelling followed all the Natural beauty that can be seen in The Chateau grounds – and 2019 was also the first year that the Chateau saw an abundance of wild daisies. Along with Angel’s love of Art Nouveau patterning, Mademoiselle Daisy has come together to create this stunning design, sumptuous in colour and strong patterning and identity.

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Dimensions: Various Sizes
Composition: 100% Cotton
Pattern: Floral
Available Sizes: Single (200 x 135cm)

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