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Moonlit Lily Garden

Colour: Dusk
Collection: The Oriental Garden

The Chateau in Moonlight is an enchanting truly glows. Looking up at the sky can leave you breathless; it is vast and when your eyes travel down to the moat, everything is lit by a magical moonlit glow. In 2019, Dick, Arthur, Dorothy and myself visited Monet’s garden at Giverny. This is where he painted the famous Water Lilies. We were so inspired and on arrival back to the Chateau, we purchased dozens of lily flowers for the moat. During midsummer, after the sun has been shining on them for a few hours, the flowers open up to all their glory! When the sun goes down, they close again…nature is truly a miracle. The Moonlit Lily Garden brings together the Chateau’s two most majestic outside views. The Moonlit Lily Garden may be fantasy…but it’s one of my favourites!

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Dimensions: 45 x 45cm
Composition: 56% Linen, 44% Viscose / 100% Polyester
Pattern: Other

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