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Nouveau Wallpaper

Colour: Multi
Collection: Wallpaper Museum

Chateau de la Motte Husson is full of hidden treasures. When we first became custodians of our new home, Dick and I knew we were in for a lifetime of family treasure hunting. On my first official visit to our attic, I was rooting around, with our daughter Dorothy on my hip, and I opened the doors to a 15-ft tall armoire. I was holding my breath with excitement and was delighted to discover roll upon roll of the most beautiful wallpaper off-cuts from the designs that had adorned the walls of the Chateau since its birth. I wanted to celebrate this and share the joys of the colours and designs, so that the history lives on in many people’s memories. A piece of each of the wallpapers now resides in our very own Wallpaper Museum, cut into elegant diamond shapes and braided with love. I always say this is a script you cannot write. What are the chances of finding the entire collection of off-cuts! The Wallpaper Museum has become a favourite story on our TV series Escape the Chateau. Who could have imagined that this would open up the future to my own Chateau inspired designs? Five years on and I am proud to have a portfolio of designs big enough to re-create the Wallpaper Museum. What’s even better, is seeing the past and present come together.

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Dimensions: 40cm
Composition: 100% Cotton
Pattern: Other

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